Friday, November 04, 2005

Yoga, the new addiction

I am addicted to yoga. It feels GREAT! Vic and I joined the Saybrook Point Inn and Spa Fitness Center. The gym manager is a big Austrian named Axel Mahlke (I am NOT kidding).
Axel speaks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or the gym twins on Saturday Night Live.
As Axel talks you through your workout routine, my inner voice is screaming "I will Pump You Up!". It keeps it all humorous :)

Anyway, in addition to weight and aerobic exercise, the pool, sauna and steam room, as well as a jacuzzi, the fitness center also offers classes, all included in the monthly fee. Aqua Works, Pilates, Tai Chi, Nordic Walking and Yoga, as well as back fitness and other more therapeautic classes.

I attend the Yoga classes at the very least, twice a week. Its one full hour and I swear I have found muscle groups that I never knew existed! These are deep muscles we don't use during aerobic exercise or weight training. After a stressful day-an hour of Yoga....Yum!!
And the Saturday morning class is beautiful, what a great way to wake up and greet the day, looking out over the river and the boats, mmmm. I feel more centered now than I ever have, I think in my life!

I am a new woman.

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